The project

Development referral

The Parc Tecnològic del Vallès has been developed integrating three different plans of action into a single pioneering global project in Catalonia and in Spain. The project model has been analyzed by multiple public and private organizations around the world.

Its three main lines are: a business promotion project, a project to promote technological knowledge and a unique urban project.

The PTV global project has consolidated its success thanks to the companies and entities that have given it its reason for being. Professionals and businessmen involved who have contributed to the national and international projection of the Technology Park.

Business promotion

The Parc Tecnològic del Vallès has bet from the beginning on the technologically advanced companies, capable of contributing to the growth and consolidation of the Catalan economy by itself or, as a result of its activity, of the rest of the economic sectors of the country.

Technological knowledge

The promotion and improvement of technological knowledge is a fundamental pillar for the development of the Parc Tecnològico del Vallès. In this sense, PTV encourages participation in R & D & I programs, acts as a bridge between users and technology development organizations and disseminates the innovation work of its companies.

Urban model

The Parc Tecnològic project has been developed following the trends of planning and management of polygons that appeared in the eighties. A model that is integrated into its environment, designed for the future development of adjacent areas and the necessary infrastructures. In addition, its model of urban maintenance is differentiated by a close and personal treatment in the management of its spaces.

Designed to promote knowledge

The Parc Tecnològic del Vallès is synonymous of innovation and technology. The project is aimed at the technical industry that promotes knowledge and invests in R + D + I. Following this premise the users of the park are:

  • Companies that base their activity on knowledge.
  • Entrepreneurs with innovative projects of technological nature.
  • Public or private entities that promote the R + D + I activity.

Most of companies installed belong to the different technology sectors: biotechnology, energy, telecommunications, environment, health, electronics, optics, etc. Although it is not essential to be a fully technological company to settle in the park, you must have a department dedicated to research and innovation or develop activities that have a strong technological value.