El Consell d’Administració de Parc Tecnològic del Vallès, S.A. has agreed to convene the General Shareholders’ Meeting on November 14, 2018, read

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Parc Tecnologic del Vallès shareholders meeting

The Board of Directors of Parc Tecnològic del Vallès, S.A. has agreed to convene the Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting, which will take

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Sector químico catalán

The Catalan Chemical Sector adapts to Industry 4.0

Within the framework of the Mobile World Congress, the Catalan Business Federation of the Chemical Industry (FedeQuim) and the consultancy Idees2Value Network

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Voran Netz externalitza les anàlisi veterinàries

Voran Netz, outsourcing of veterinary analyzes

The company installed in the Parc Tecnològic del Vallès, specialized in veterinary analysis, is working on the transfer of the model of

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Acord entre Eurecat i Leitat

Eurecat and Leitat sign an agreement to promote a Catalan technology project

The technology centers Eurecat and Leitat signed on December 12 a permanent linkage agreement with the objective of taking advantage of the

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Ability Pharma begins phase 2 of the antitumor drug ABTL0812

The Parc company has started clinical trials of Phase II of its new antitumor drug ABTL0812, for the treatment of advanced endometrial

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KYMOS buys the Italian company Pharmaprogress

KYMOS Pharma Services has bought the company Pharmaprogress, specialized in services of analysis and research by contract. Pharmaprogress has the GMP authorization

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Ideas2value logo

Ideas2Value Network launches INNOCITIES, its commitment to Smart Cities 3.0

On September 5, the innovation network Ideas2Value Network launched its new INNOCITIES service at the Parc Tecnològic del Vallès. The mission of

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