Mitelos achieves sales of two million units of its ear care franchise

Mitelos started its journey in the market by the end of 2016 with the commercialisation of its first product. A little over 5 years later Mitelos has just reached sales of 2 million units of our ear health franchise comprising two solutionsbased medical devices.

To date, Mitelos ear care products are Otiblock® for the treatment and prevention of earwax impaction and Otidry-MD® for the prevention of acute otitis externa (“swimmer’s ear”). A common feature of both products is that before starting their development Mitelos studied the physiology of the outer ear and the requirements necessary to be respectful of it. In addition, in collaboration with engineers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia who designed an “artificial” ear for Mitelos, it has been studied the spray dynamics in relation to the external auditory canal. Mitelos’ products are currently available to doctors, pharmacists, and patients in 15 countries on 5 continents. In all probability, before the end of 2022 they will be available in around 20 countries.

Mitelos is a B2B company that develops, registers and licenses medical devices and dietary suplements with an OTX approach. For more information, visit